Aqua Spa offers massage & body treatments designed to decrease chronic tension, pain & stress. Treatments will increase energy levels & joint flexibility while reducing mental and physical fatigue. Helping to improve circulation and immune system response. Varieties of massage range from gentle kneading of muscles & other soft tissues to deeper or therapeutic techniques. The use of customized aromas can bring a deep sense of peace as you allow your mind to drift away. Your therapist will recommend a treatment plan that will help you with any physical issues you may be experiencing.

For best results, we recommend massage or body treatments at least once a month. Our Relax membership is a great option for monthly visits.

  • Ultimate Seasonal Massage

    90 minutes
    This body treatment combines the use of multiple techniques to give your body the ultimate rest and detox it needs. A full body massage that starts with detoxifying dry brushing, incorporating a seasonal scent, hot himalayan salt stones, cold stones and a face and scalp massage. This treatment is pure bliss and your body will thank you.
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    60 minutes
    This is a corrective and therapeutic massage focused on the deeper layers of the muscles and tissue.
  • Mommy To Be Massage

    60 minutes
    Stress relief and relaxation is what you deserve at this special time in your life. Potential benefits of this massage include reduced back and joint pain, improved circulation which may help reduce edema and best of all better sleep.
  • Chakra Massage

    $99 - $125
    60 or 90 minutes
    The Chakra Balancing Massage is an innovative treatment that incorporates Aveda’s Chakra Balancing Blend Aromas and focuses on the seven chakra centers in the body using a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue, foot reflexology and energy work. The massage concludes with a guided meditation to help enhance the benefits of stress-relief, decreased muscular tension and increased energy.
  • Reiki Massage

    30 minutes
    Reiki is an energy healing method that helps heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is known for reducing stress and improving well-being by dissipating negative thoughts and feelings as the body begins to relax. It is done fully clothed by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body.

    Benefits of Reiki: Induces a state of deep relaxation, Reduces physical and emotional pain, Accelerates natural healing, Aids the detoxification process
  • Full Body Polish

    45 minutes
    Treat your skin to a full body exfoliation that will leave you feeling soft and smooth. Service starts with dry brushing and a seasonal Farm House Fresh exfoliating scrub followed with the complementing shea butter moisturizer.


  • Warm Oil Scalp Treatment

    A blend of warm jojoba and peppermint oil calms the mind and invigorates the scalp, while leaving the hair moisturized and nourished.
  • Paraffin Treatment

    Warm paraffin wax is used to help soften skin, heal dry or cracked areas while adding moisture back into the hands or feet area. great add on to any spa service
  • Hot or Cold Stones

    With heat the stones can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work deeper into the tissue.

    Cold stones are equally effective by offering relaxation and relief from discomfort. Performed together with hot stones can help lower stress, improve circulation and soothe inflammation.
  • Detoxifying Himalayan Salt Stones

    Hand carved Himalayan salt stones gently soothe away the accumulation of stress, tension, and pollutants. The therapist use the salt stones to gently draw toxins from the skin for improved sleep quality and relaxation to the body. Himalayan salt stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts to nourish your body and release negative energy promoting a relaxing grounding effect.
  • Cupping

    Used for many purposes including helping with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Reflexology

    Application of pressure to areas on the hands, feet and ears. These areas correspond to organs and systems of the body addressing a wide range of health issues including; headaches, sinus problems and stomach issues.
  • Body Polish

    A gentle exfoliation of the Hands, Feet & back using our seasonal Farm House Fresh body scrub followed with complementing shea butter moisturizer. Perfect add on to any massage or facial.
  • Himalayan Salt Foot Treatment

    This relaxing treatment starts with a complimentary beverage of choice, and a heated neck wrap while you soak your feet in a warm foot bath. The foot bath is a blend of Atlantic Ceara, Pink Himalayan and epsom salts. Natural lavender, green tea & lemongrass extracts provide a calming sense of wellbeing. After the foot soak the feet are dried and a moisturizing body butter is applied to the lower legs and feet. This treatment can be added to any spa service and is only available on Fridays and Saturdays.


  • Essential

    45 minute Essential Facial & a 45 minute Massage
  • Signature

    70 minute Signature Facial & 60 minute Signature Massage
  • Nails

    Signature Pedicure & Essential Manicure

"My boyfriend and I were new to the spa life, but Corissa made sure we felt nothing less than at ease and comfortable. She was very sweet and listened to our requests for pressure and focus areas. We'll be back!"

Kristine M.